Structural Tape

Structural Tape Sails

Structural Tape Sails are derived from the unique Tape Drive ® sails. It is a technique to manufacture light, rigid sails. The sails are very smooth and durable. This technique combines 2 elements in a special and effective way, a light membrane sail and a continuous web of sturdy, stretch-free tapes.

This very effective reinforcement gives the sail continuous strength. Thanks to the pattern of Carbon tapes it does not matter whether a sail is reefed or not.

Construction of the Sail

  • The base sail consists of strips in a horizontal cut. This gives the sail a nice and even profile.
  • The base material is light an flexible laminate (mylar foil(s) and scrim yarns).
  • The scrim yarns are made of polyester.
  • For touring or/and competition sailing, it is possible to apply a protective taffeta (light Dacron fabric) on one side of the construction. This makes the sail heavier, but also more durable. 
  • For true racing sailing, choose the light film to film construction.

The Benefits        

  • High dimensional stability despite the use of light materials.
  • Perfect sailing form thanks to smart design technology.
  • Weight saving, sometimes up to 50% compared to other sails.
  • Excellent value for money and durability.
  • Special features and excellent performance. 
  • Keeps shape when reefed. 
  • Can be used longer in strong winds because of the shape retention.
  • Even effective in less winds due to weight savings. 
  • Low center of gravity for the boat under the sail, because of less weight high up the mast. 

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