MXL Membrane

MXL Membrane Sails

MXL sails are available in three different cuts. This makes Lion Sails capable of making sails nearly custom-made. Adjusted to the circumstances and to the wishes of the sailor. The material is light, smooth, very shape holding and enormously strong. This you will see in the speed of your ship. MXL fits well for high performance sailing.

MXL Wide Panel
The Wide Panel is a State of the Art membrane cover. Suitable for a wide variety of yachts. There are 3 styles combined with a variety of fibers: from polyester to carbon. Experienced sailors experience this sail as the top of the bill among membrane sails. Wide Panel is suitable for cruising and racing.

MXL Multi Panel
Multi Panel is a slightly heavier weight, because Multi Panel is suitable for sails up to 45 m2. Here too, a wide variety of fibers is possible. From polyester to carbon. Because MXL Multi Panel is manufactured by a machine with 6 strands, Lion Sails can place a wide variety of orders. Every order is custom made with a laminator machine for a perfect result. MXL Multi Panel sails are available for cruising and racing.

MXL Club Race LP
Club Race LP is a combination with kevlar and is cheaper than a tri-radial laminate sail. Available in film to film with 1600 tensioned kevlar yarns. Available for an area of 8m2 to 45m2.

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